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Video is taking over the world

Video is taking over the world

Written by Haydn Morgans

Last edited May 8, 2023

Video is taking over the world

Adaptation and evolution are vital for a business to grow if you refuse then you will stagnate and most likely fail. Taking advantage of fads will only get you so far, you need to adopt new trends and implement new techniques to succeed.Adaptation and evolution are vital for a business to grow if you refuse then you will stagnate and most likely fail. Taking advantage of fads will only get you so far, you need to adopt new trends and implement new techniques to succeed. Video is revolutionising the way that businesses work, interact with clients and attract new business.

Youtube launched on the success of video, but in 2012 Snapchat discovered the power of video and evolved their “disappearing” photo company and now its users watch  10 billion videos every day. Instagram followed suit and in 2013 changed their business model, they launched 15-second video capabilities, and  within the first 24 hours, 5 million videos were uploaded. It’s obvious that early adopters of video are still reaping the benefits. Facebook joined the party late, launching Facebook Live to its 1.94 billion monthly users in 2016 and is flying high in the wake of its success, now  20% of all videos on Facebook are live.

The video revolution is visible in more than just social. In the sporting world, video referees have been responsible for making game-changing decisions in both rugby and football. This year saw video technology playing a significant role in the Confederations Cup ahead of the 2018 FIFA world cup where the technology is expected to be used. If you trade internationally, video can help your business to grow exponentially. Rather than sending endless emails back and forth, or even spending the time and expense to travel to a meeting, video allows you to speak face-to-face with your clients from the comfort of your office.

So what makes video so popular? When it comes to video, seeing is believing; video technology is infiltrating every aspect of our personal lives and every industry. It is the best way to make a connection with people; it is easy to follow. Why try to absorb reams of information from long, complicated written articles when you can watch a three-minute video and get the information in a more entertaining format. Even search engine algorithms consider video to be far more valuable than written content.

Video is so successful because it appeals to the masses, anyone can watch a video and can do so on any device. At a click of a button, it can be shared with hundreds of people, in fact,  48% of millennials watch videos solely on mobile devices  even upper management is becoming accustomed to a digital first approach with  80% of senior executives watching more online videos than they did a year ago.

Video technology is changing the game, and that is true of the recruitment industry too. Here at Hinterview, we are ambassadors for innovation and recognise that the world is embracing digital if you don’t adapt then you will get left behind.

Hinterview is a video recruitment platform that enables a recruitment agency to interview candidates face-to-face, what’s more, is the candidate is being recorded. These recordings along with the corresponding CV’s are stored on Hinterview’s secure portal. We understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between candidates, they all have great qualifications, and their CV’s boast an excellent skill set.

The introduction of video technology to the recruitment process means that the CV’s become humanised, a candidate can show themselves as a person and can portray more emotion with both their words and their body language. As a recruiter you can review the candidates as you wish, you can get to know the candidate and their personality rather than a list of skills on a CV. You can re-watch the definitive answers and take the time to cherry-pick the most suited candidates to invite for a second interview.

The real question is, are you going to be a business that embraces the video revolution or will you be left behind?

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