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Employer of Record, Payroll Funding, and Back Office for Expanding into the US

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Ascen helps recruitment agencies offer contract placements in the US.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Employer of Record

If you don’t have an entity in the US, Ascen will act as the legal employer of your contract employees, handling payroll and compliance in all 50 US states. For your IC/C2C placements, Ascen acts as the agent of record, handling payments and compliance in the US and globally. We also provide payroll funding so you can grow your business without worrying about cash flow. We do this in an all-in-one, white-label platform with onboarding, payroll, timesheets, expenses, and invoicing.

  1. Pay and Bill Software for Payroll under your own US Tax ID

If you have a US entity already and want to run payroll under your US Federal tax ID, you can use our all-in-one white-label pay and bill software to manage payroll and billing. Ascen deposits all taxes and sends net pay to the workers on behalf of your legal entity. This solution is appropriate once established in the US with a compliance and payroll team and is much cheaper than EOR.


What makes Ascen different from other EORs on TRN?

  1. We offer funding.

Other EOR providers will make you go to another financing source, which will be operationally challenging day-to-day and potentially limit your client credit expansion.

  1. You don’t need to use our Employer of Record.

We are the only staffing-focused EOR that offers an off-ramp to EOR once you are established in the US. One day, you will outgrow EOR, and you can move to our standalone software with a seamless migration.

  1. We allow higher-risk industries like healthcare and light industrial.

Other EORs will have limited volume or experience in these areas and will likely turn these placements down. Ascen has thousands of US W-2 employees each year in light industrial and clinical healthcare and can allow you to offer a complete solution to your US clients.

  1. We can handle scale and have an API for integrations.

There’s a reason venture-backed staffing platforms work with Ascen. We can handle high growth and scale, whether you have 100 contractors or 1000.


What makes us unique?

Ascen, backed by Y Combinator, one of the top technology investors in the world, was built to help staffing agencies grow by making back office effortless. Whether through our Employer of Record or our white-label standalone pay and bill software, our mission is to set you up to grow your US staffing business. Ascen has offices in Boston and New York, with internal employees across the US and Europe. Ascen works with hundreds of staffing agencies and has thousands of W-2s in the US every year.

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