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Punta Nero

Punta Nero is dedicated to bringing video into the recruitment industry.

Statistically, videos attract and provide better results than any other form of online content available concerning engagement. For this reason, recruitment videos can be utilised in various ways to enhance the way potential candidates acknowledge and interact with your company.

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Company Culture

It’s important for candidates to know the company they might be working with. Video is a great way to show the culture of a company you are hiring for.

Job Advertisement

Videos perform much better than any other form of content online. When using a job advertisement video, you will be reaching more candidates, provide more information and stand out among other recruiters.

Remote Candidate Video

It’s not always cost effective to have a team film one person for a testimonial or engagement video. With a branded background, popups, subtitles and other additions, you can make what would be a boring video, much more interesting at a fraction of the cost.

Customer profile

You can add value to your customers experience by offering them a film day with us. Not only will they get a company video but you will have a chance to get video testimonials from them or candidates you’ve placed with them. We can also make videos on their company culture, the industry they are in and others that may help with recruiting future candidates. This is an extremely cost effective way of producing videos whilst improving the relationship between you and your customer.

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