Flexi working in Recruitment, are you embracing it?

There was a lot of chat in the #TRN Members Whatsapp group this weekend about how to manage flexible working within their teams. Here are a few top tips for managing your team, keeping them engaged and firing on all cylinders!


  • Make time for small talk – continue to build rapport with your team even if they’re not office based, this is essential to keeping them engaged.
  • Provide them with the right tools – Making sure your employees have access to all the files, information, and updates they need. Tools like Slack, Trello and Asana are great for this.
  • Use video as often as possible when communicating – Research shows more than half of human communication is nonverbal. When you don’t get to see someone in the office every day, having any type of visual clue to what someone is thinking is essential. 
  • Have longer 1 to 1’s – Open door policy fails when your remote team don’t know if you’re in the office, at your desk or in a meeting. Make sure you take extra time for any ad-hoc issues that may be happening.
  • Trust in your team – You hired this person for a reason, it’ll soon be apparent from their KPI’s and targets if they’re not doing a good enough job.


Flexible working is coming, and as recruitment businesses, this needs to be embraced, there’s plenty of benefits to allowing your employees more freedom – give it a try with some of your proven billers and watch them grow!


What are some of your top tips when it comes to flexi working in recruitment?