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10 Powerplays you need to watch to get your Recruitment Business Post COVID-19 ready

10 Powerplays you need to watch to get your Recruitment Business Post COVID-19 ready

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 8, 2023

10 Powerplays you need to watch to get your Recruitment Business Post COVID-19 ready

There’s no denying it COVID-19 has struck a massive blow to the recruitment industry. You as a recruitment business owner or billing manager may be looking at your strategy, business, marketing and more besides looking for the answers to get back on track.

That’s where TRN world can help; which you can get for free right now. TRN Powerplays are going to become one of your lifelines once you get acquainted with it. And, are just one of the many benefits of our exclusive library of content.

So what are TRN Powerplays exactly?

Powerplays are videos from market-leading experts globally that impart their specialist knowledge to you. From leadership and strategy, to marketing and self development. And the best part? There’s 3 new videos every week from new experts in multiple disciplines!

We’re now up to 94 Powerplays on our system and growing every week, but remember these are part of the premium TRNworld subscription. You can access this for free for a limited time during COVID-19 so don’t hesitate to sign up today to get the insights you need before your chance is gone!

So, with 94+ Powerplays waiting there for you it can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve listed 10 essential Powerplays you need to watch to help get your business post COVID ready.

1: Workforce Planning

Get to grips with your resources and make the best use of them.

Workforce planning is what organisations do to work out what resources they need where – as talent acquisition partners and true consultants we should be asking the questions that they should be asking themselves.

2: Winning Retained and Exclusive Business

Secure the next few months by landing retained and exclusive clients.

Identifying and selling retainers can be easy once you have mastered the basics in order to turn it into an art form, including:

  1. Knowing what you need in order to sell a retainer or pre-payment
  2. How to avoid the confusion with your choice of language and solutions
  3. Knowing what to listen out for to identify a retainer solution
  4. Clearly differentiate between your service offerings

3: Power Pitching

Learn how to land those clients in an increasingly online world.

The secret to converting more opportunities from video pitches and client meetings.

4: How to Find Contract Opportunities

Find new opportunities in these strange times.

In the next few months, perm opportunities may be thin on the ground, but companies will increasingly consider contract staff as a way of executing change programs without committing to permanent cost.

In this video, Russell will give perm recruiters the questions to ask their clients to understand more about the client’s contract usage and identify opportunities to cross-sell and offer a wider range of solutions to their clients.

5: The Power List

Turn up your ‘power’ in these next few critical months and get your business back on track.

How to coach yourself to really step up into your full power.

6: LinkedIn Activity

Master LinkedIn and engage with prospective candidates and clients.

Do you want engagement on LinkedIn but never engage with others?

7: 5 Steps to Shape your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Supercharge your marketing strategy before your competitors have a chance!

The key things recruiters can do to create a unified sales and marketing strategy and put strong foundations in place to help you grow your client acquisition strategy as we return to our new normal.

8: Adding Value During a Hiring Freeze

Don’t waste time during one of our toughest times, learn how to add value.

When faced with a hiring freeze or slowdown, it’s important to demonstrate your personal value in your organisation. Take some time to reflect on your position, how it’s changing and how you can use this time to add value to your team, clients and candidates.

“Little did I realise that my desire to add value to others would be the thing that added value to me” – John C Maxwell

9: Positively Courageous

Learn how to score non-customers in your biggest customers with Blue Ocean thinking.

Use Blue Ocean Thinking to find ways to get non-customers to become your customers.

10: A word on content

Finally get a grip on all that content you know you should be producing!

As recruiters, our role is to attract the right people to our jobs and a great way to do that is through the posts we share each day. But we are recruiters not marketers, so what are we supposed to share? Well, it depends on who you are looking to recruit, but here are some ideas and a few tips on etiquette!

TRN Powerplays are being produced and brought to our community every single week. Giving them the insights and answers they need to be the absolute best version of themselves.

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