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3 Tips to make your video voicemails stand out

3 Tips to make your video voicemails stand out

Written by Haydn Morgans

Last edited May 8, 2023

3 Tips to make your video voicemails stand out

Are you using video to introduce yourself to new clients and candidates? If you’re not you should be trying it out.

In this blog our Gold Partners Hinterview give us 3 top tips to make your video voicemails stand out.Does anyone look forward to making cold calls? Some days are easier than others, but it’s never been the most inspiring part of sales for me. Using video to introduce yourself and leave a “Video voicemail” in someone’s inbox, mixes things up and gives you an opportunity to stand out. To make sure your videos look and sound as good as possible, there a few small changes you can make which will have a huge effect.

1 – Lighting How you light your video has a huge effect on the quality of your video.

If you only make one adjustment, make sure the main light source of the room is in front of you.

If you have a lot of light behind you, your face is going to be super shaded and you’ll look like a silhouette against the bright background.

In an ideal world, you want to reduce the shadows across your face and having the light directly in front of you will help.

2 – Sound Relying on just the built-in microphone on your device means that you’re likely to pick up a tonne of background noise.

We’re not looking for flawless sound.

All we’re trying to do here is make sure people can hear you clearly over the background noise.

If you haven’t got a quiet space that you can easily jump in and record, we recommend that you use a dedicated headset or microphone.

That way, you can record video while sat at your desk. The point of a video voicemail is to make it quick and part of your routine.

3 – Camera & Background

Camera angles can make a big difference too.

At least bad angles can ruin otherwise great content!

We do recommend framing yourself in the middle of the screen and looking directly into the camera.

This comes across more engaging and feels like you’re talking to the viewer.

We don’t recommend having the camera at a really steep angle (up or down), it doesn’t look great.

You don’t need a professional camera, a HD webcam is good enough.

And to be honest, people don’t mind if you have a busy office in the background, it comes across more natural.

Here at Hinterview, we use video voicemails (Hintros) for both business development and headhunting candidates.

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