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5 Characteristics That Truly Make a Winning Recruitment Team

5 Characteristics That Truly Make a Winning Recruitment Team

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Last edited May 2, 2023

5 Characteristics That Truly Make a Winning Recruitment Team

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Our success as a business is dependent on the team we build and the performance of our team. A group of individual recruiters all working disparately might do well individually but a team of consultants that works well together (sharing ideas, candidates, clients, best practice, being competitive (healthy), challenging each other, celebrating success together etc.) will achieve a lot more.

So what is the difference between teams which work incredibly well together and achieve great success and those which are dysfunctional and negatively impacting performance? Understanding some of the elements of effective teamwork and high performing teams will help you build and maintain high performing teams that contribute to the overall success of the business.


Effective teams must have honest communication that flows between all members equally. Leaders who understand and encourage team members to adapt to individual communication styles and motivations within the team are more likely to move the team in the right direction than those who don’t.

Every team member must feel confident to communicate with other members about concerns as well as new ideas and observations. Honest and open feedback is a skill all team members should have.

Shared Values and Common Goals

Values and goals in a business, as well as amongst teams, is an important part of engaging employees, setting direction and reducing conflict.

If your team doesn’t understand what success looks like, through lack of vision and goals, and how to operate, from a lack of values, then the team will struggle to achieve success and stay motivated. Check it out, ask every member of the team to write down the team vision and values and see how much variety exists.

Diversity of Skills and Strengths

Teams that have a wide range or skills and strengths will be better equipped to deal with a wide range of challenges. When building a team ensure that the skills and strengths of each team member compliment each other, having a team consisting of common skills can often lead to little productivity. Each team member pocessing unique skills will allow team members to understand what their own contribution is expected to be.

Trust and Respect

A lack of trust and respect in any team will lead to individual frustration and decreased levels of engagement and motivation. Trust and respect are built from effective communication, shared values and common goals as well understanding the strengths and capabilities of other team members. A lack of trust and respect can break teams down very quickly.


If the team is to be accountable, everyone must have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

It’s the responsibility of each team member to hold one another accountable and accept it when others hold them accountable. It’s important to make clear what the team’s standards are, what needs to get done, by whom and by when.

Ambiguity is the enemy of accountability.

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