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5 Great podcasts the Recruitment Leader should be listening to

5 Great podcasts the Recruitment Leader should be listening to

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 2, 2023

5 Great podcasts the Recruitment Leader should be listening to

In the world of business and recruitment it is vital that we keep improving and growing. One way to do this is to listen to other people’s views and perspectives, learning from the success and mistakes of their journey’s; Podcasts are great for this. Perfect for the morning and evening commute providing a motivational boost, or contemplative wind-down, we’ve composed our top 5 podcasts that every recruitment leader should be listening to.

We’ve also provided some of our favourite episodes from each channel, so you can get stuck into the most interesting topic straight away!

5th – Hiring on all Cylinders

Hiring on All Cylinders is a podcast station that is having the important conversations about Recruitment. They speak with professionals who are on the front lines in recruitment, filling their organisations with top talent.

The Hiring on All Cylinders podcast comes from Entelo who are a company in the U.S who provide a range of software solutions and products to the recruitment industry.

  • On Similarities Between Recruiting & Sales featuring Justin Gandelman- Sean Simerly and Amina Moinuddin talk to Justin Gandelman, who is Entelo Director of Sales Development, about how a lot of success in sales and recruiting can come down to timing and follow up. They cover the similarities between sales and recruiting, including why the capacity for effort could be the most important quality of all in successful hires.

  • Amy Knapp on Talent Team Growing Pains- Rob Stevenson talks to Amy Knapp, Head of Talent at Redpoint Ventures and Britt Ryan, Head of Talent at Entelo. They discuss the pains of attracting and managing talent within companies and how to overcome those issues, but also what the talent organisation’s role in development and retention should be.

  • Matt Alder from Recruiting Future- Here Rob Stevenson joins fellow podcaster Matt Alder from Recruiting Future. They hold an interesting discussion in merging their views from the U.S and the UK on recruitment and issues they both come across in doing their podcasts. During this podcast they also discuss Matt’s new book Exceptional Talent: How to Attract, Acquire and Retain the Very Best Employees.


Links to all of their podcasts


4th – REC podcasts (The Recruitment & Employment Confederation)

In the REC Scale Up podcasts CEO Kevin Green talks to leaders in the recruitment industry tackling key challenges that are faced by developing and growing recruitment businesses.

The interview style podcasts hear from a range of people from a range of sectors with recruitment at the core. It is incredibly interesting to hear from such a range of experts.

  • REC Scale Up Podcast – Toni Cocozza from DP Connect- Kevin Green is talking here to Toni Cocozza from DP Connect about her experience in recruitment and difficulties she has faced during this time.

  • REC Scale Up Podcast – Johnny Campbell (Social Talent) and Gerard Murnaghan (Indeed) – In this episode Johnny Campbell of Social Talent and Gerard Murnaghan of Indeed talk to Kevin Green about their involvement in the recruitment industry and their plans for the future.

  • REC Scale Up Podcast – ‘Google Dave’ Hazlehurst- Google Dave is a fantastic speaker, as many of you that came to our Sales & Marketing Huddle at the beginning of 2017. Here he chats to Kevin Green about topics like candidate experience and technology in recruitment from a marketing perspective.


Links to all of their podcasts


3rd – HBR (Harvard Business Review) Idea Cast

Harvard Business Review have a huge bank of nearly 600 podcasts to listen to on a huge range of business related topics. They are also really good at using the #’s on SoundCloud to identify the areas in which each episode is aimed at, which really helps the listener.

Their informative podcasts cover a large range of business topics with a good mix of recruiting related issues thrown in. Sarah Green-Carmichael hosts the podcasts, talking to various leaders in their own industries. These are easy listening, relatively short podcasts which are great for the morning commute to prepare you for the day.

With lots of interesting content it is difficult to decide which to listen to first, so we have sifted through some of the most recent to get you started:

  • 592: Why Everyone Should See Themselves as a Leader – Sarah Green-Carmichael talks to Sue Ashford professor at Michigan Ross School of Business. They discuss how leadership comes more easily to some, but everyone can become a leader with some practise and how we can all do just that.

  • 573: Our Delusions About Talent- Sarah talks here to Professor Tomas Chamorro Premuzic in Business Psychology from University College London about talent in business and the management of it. It is great to listen to how talent is managed from a business point of view.

  • 547: What the World’s Best CEOs Have In Common- Here Sarah discusses the performance of CEOs around the world with Dan Mcginn who is the Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review. HBR publishes a list of top 100 CEOs and they discuss what aspects and attributes they look at to compose this list.

  • 523: Let Employees Be People- Robert Keegan and Lisa Lahey of Harvard University and authors of Everyone Culture talk about growing and developing employees within a business with Sarah. Making the most of developing their employees allows a business to get the most out of them which will in turn benefit the company.


Link to all of their podcasts


2nd – Recruiting Future

Recruiting Future’s podcasts cover a wide range of topics in the world of recruitment. From technology to talent acquisition, they aim to target key pain points and issues faced by recruiters.

Matt Alder talks to many top thought leaders from big name businesses like Google and McDonald’s.

Their easy to use site allows quick access to their latest podcasts. They’re easy listening, yet informative and useful at the same time.

A few episodes that we have picked out for you:

  • Ep 104: Recruiting In A Mobile World- Jez Langhorn who is the Senior HR Director from McDonald’s in the USA discusses his much recent recruiting success which was achieved by implementing several innovative initiatives round mobile technology

  • Ep 102: Can Google Solve Recruiting’s Big Problems? This episode welcomes Bogomil Balkansky, the Google Vice President, responsible for go-to market strategy for recruiting related products.

  • Ep 95: Data Driven Recruiting- In this episode Kyle Lagunas who is Data Manager from International Data Corporation (IDC) discusses how data is key in talent acquisition.


Link to all their podcasts



1st –  Firefish Software Podcast

The Firefish Software podcast focuses on recruitment industry trends, business development advice, and what the future of our profession holds. Each month they interview a new industry influencer to get their thoughts.

During their podcasts they tackle very specific recruitment issues, rather than business related topics like many of the other podcasts with some recruitment thrown in.

  • Lisa Jones: How to Get the Most Value from Your Recruitment Database- Alan Hiddleston talking to Lisa Jones from Barclay Jones about getting the most out of your candidate and client database. It’s not just about storing a bunch of CVs, but enriching the data that is stored and how to use the CRM as an asset, rather than just sourcing candidates using purely LinkedIn.

  • Ruth Forster: Growing your Recruitment Agency Sustainably- Wendy McDougall joined by Ruth Forster of Wagstaff Recruitment talk about together how to grow and develop a recruitment business from Ruth’s point of view, looking at her past experience within Wagstaff Recruitment.

  • James Osborne: Here’s What Forward Thinking Recruitment Agencies Are Focused On- James outlines his 3 key areas for agencies to consider, Efficiency, Brand and Pride. Efficiency within the company to drive profitability and growing business, measured with the Customer Value Index (CVI). Ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd and the value of that. A tool that can help with this is Cycle of Service and analysing your moments of truth and adding value to your customers, instead of focusing on selling. How recruitment is transformational and how we should take pride in what we do.


Link to all of their podcasts



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