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5 Recruitment Podcasts that are perfect for leaders

5 Recruitment Podcasts that are perfect for leaders

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Last edited May 2, 2023

5 Recruitment Podcasts that are perfect for leaders

Another weekend is finally here and it’s day #11 of our #TRNadvent – The time we get on the weekend is a great opportunity to take a little bit of time to self-improve. And what better way than to exposure yourself to some great insights, via a good Podcast – We’ve listed our top 5 podcasts for Recruitment Leaders!

Roy Rippers Recruiters Live Lounge

Learning from the successes of others is something we endorse greatly; as we bring CEO’s of successful Recruitment Agencies into our own huddles to talk about how they did it. And this is something you can take from Roy Rippers excellent Recruiters Live Lounge. Roy brings in guest experts and industry heavyweights and discusses their hurdles and successes, examining the steps they took to reach success. And who knows maybe this podcast will have the answer to your most pressing issue!

It’s all Recruiting – Jim Stroud

American Jim Stroud knows his stuff and just because he’s across the pond, doesn’t mean the tactics and problems he tackles need to be any different. You’ll definitely find some relevant nuggets of advice from Jim, this podcast is surely one to recommend the consultants also. Jim has a great background in social recruiting and sourcing and will surely give you a good footing if you’ve fallen a little behind (Or need a refresher!)

The #ASKGARYVEE Show – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a unique character, with his own special brand of ‘Hustle’ – Gary will leave you feeling pumped and ready to chew up whatever the day will throw at you. He shares his insights into social marketing strategy in this ever changing world. Each episode will have a variety of questions from people around the world with relevant business queries, and he’ll answer them. And if you keep going back at these daily podcasts and relate them to your Recruitment Business you’re going to come out with some ideas in this millennial-centric world!

The Predictive Recruitment Podcast – Firefish Software

Firefish software publish a great Podcast that even featured me! – The Podcasts are a great insight into the state of the industry, posing some very pressing questions, that I’m sure you’re asking yourself. Each podcast interviews a Recruitment heavyweight and it gives you the opportunity to draw from their experience and knowledge.

Barclay Jones Recruitment Podcasts

Barclay Jones are specialists in Recruitment technology and social expertise, and they reflect this in their Podcasts. Each one is a great insight into some Recruitment issues and questions; and they’ve interviewed Recruitment influencers to get their take and advice.

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