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Business Development Tips for New Recruiters

Business Development Tips for New Recruiters

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 8, 2023

Business Development Tips for New Recruiters

As a Recruiter hiring new consultants is always a risk, there’s always that danger of the dip in your overall resources and the danger they’ll churn quickly. Unfortunately, this industry has a lot of ‘passers-by’, with real talent often hard to attract and retain. As a recruitment owner, hiring new consultants is always going to be a risk, but providing you’ve got a strong process, there are methods new consultants can utilise to ensure they’re off to the best start.

Whether you’re hiring an experienced recruiter or looking to find somebody new to the industry (180 or 360), there are some methods which apply across the board to ensure you see a return quickly.

After you have completed your onboarding process with your new starters, which depending on how in-depth you make it can include some of these steps, you can use the following process to establish a new desk which can quickly reap rewards.

Familiarise Yourself With The CRM, Industry & Contacts

Set some time aside to go through the existing CRM and make a list of everyone that is relevant to your industry/role, whether that’s candidates or clients. Make a note of the last time they were spoken to, who dealt with them and research their current situation through their social media profiles.

Once you have this, combine it with any other relevant contacts that you have made yourself, providing that you are not breaking any restrictions/contractual obligations you had if you came from a previous job in recruitment. It’s also worthwhile making not of relevant events coming up, industry podcasts and sources of news that your target market is aware of.

Spend some time connecting with people on social media who are in the target industry as this will not only grow your online network but also mean LinkedIn will be more likely to recommend connections which are relevant. This step relies on you having an optimised LinkedIn profile – read some tips on how to do this here.

Structure Your Time to Make it More Effective

Before your first business development call, make sure that you’re structuring your time effectively. Whilst some cold calls might be successful, ultimately, you’re aiming to build a rapport/relationship with your target audience to increase your chances of success before the call.

Therefore, it is good practice to let them know that you are going to call, and if they cannot take the call at that moment, make sure that you get some form of commitment and send them a calendar invite for a time that suits them better. Ideally, they should have interacted with you in some form or know of you by the time you get to call them.

It’s important to consider the type of language that you’re going to use whilst talking on the phone. Sales trainer Phil M. Jones has some good advice about how you can use language to your advantage and improve your chances of receiving more referrals and growing your business opportunities.” align=”center

Provide Value-Adds and Do Your Research

In order to increase your chance of success, make sure you are staying up to date with the latest from the industry you’re working in. Think about what candidates/clients would be interested in and follow relevant hashtags and news channels on social media. These are great conversation starters and show that you’re involved in the industry and make it much more likely that the person will take your call.

You should simultaneously be using your social media profiles to build up a personal brand, as that can add value to potential candidates/clients. We’ve written a series of blogs on this topic which you can read more about here.

Before you make a call, try and know a few things about the person or their business, depending on the purpose of your call. For example:

  • Have they recently hit a milestone?
  • When was the company formed?
  • What are the person’s interests?
  • Have they hired anyone recently?

Most Importantly, Stay Authentic

Whilst doing your research, familiarising yourself with the CRM/contacts and building a personal brand are absolutely crucial, being authentic is one of the best pieces of advice for new recruiters.

Although your first phone call is undoubtedly going to be nerve-wracking, it’s good practice and the more you make them, the more comfortable and natural it will feel. As a result, the more authentic you are, the better you will come across and the more personable you will be.

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