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5 ways outplacement can help turn redundancy into a positive for employees and employers

5 ways outplacement can help turn redundancy into a positive for employees and employers

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Last edited May 8, 2023

5 ways outplacement can help turn redundancy into a positive for employees and employers

Firstly, what is outplacement?

Outplacement, also know as ‘career transition’ support offers practical and emotional support for employees exiting an organisation, often through redundancy.

This outplacement support will help the employee re-orient themselves in the job market, and ultimately secure their next role of career move.

A good outplacement service will benefit the employer and the outgoing employee:

It’s the Right Thing to do. Doing the right thing will protect your employer brand.

The last experience anyone has with an employer will leave the most lasting impression, so employers need to make sure employees remember it positively. Hence why outplacement is so powerful.

Recruiters and recruitment agencies have the skillset and expertise to help their clients support the affected employees through this period by developing and outplacement support solution. Truly consultative recruiters can play a part helping their clients.

Outplacement Support helps employees resettle faster.

Employees who are offered outplacement services by their company statistically resettle 50% faster than those who are not offered the service.

This is because a good Outplacement service will provide all the practical information on a job-seekers agenda in one place; logistics, training, future opportunities, financial guidance and more.

Outplacement Services will Save the Employer Time

During times of redundancy, the employers HR team is likely to be at or close to capacity. The best-intentioned HR managers will struggle to support exiting individuals needs on an ad-hoc basis.

A good outplacement service should help with everything listed below, and have the added benefit of providing a third-party impartial service:

  • CV writing
  • Interview skills
  • LI training
  • Letter writing
  • Profiling and assessments
  • Using Job Boards
  • Understanding the job market
  • Building your personal brand
  • Personal wellbeing and resilience
  • Career coaching
  • Registering with a recruitment agency

When looking for an outplacement service, your recruitment agency is a great place to start. They’ll have an in-depth insight into the jobs market, and will know where the opportunities are.

Emotional Support for Employees

As well as the practical side of transitioning careers, there’s a huge psychological impact. This is likely to be magnified during times of recession or when the job market may be slow.

A consultation service involving impartial advisors will provide safe and supportive environments for employees to talk about their fears and concerns.

A good recruitment agency, or specialist service, is likely to provide specialist workshops and sessions for employees to work through the practical and emotional aspects of redundancy.

Knowing this service is there provide reassurance to current employees as well as support to those who are leaving.

Outplacement will help Employees think ‘outside the box’ with their next career move.

It’s easy to become settled in a ‘safe’ role, especially if the employee has been with the employer for a number of years. This is great whilst they’re there, but can mean when it comes to leaving it’s hard to think about what they could offer in a different role, industry, or even a total career move or becoming an entrepreneur.

Career transition services will help the employee identify what the love in their current role, and the key transferrable skills they have – some of which they may not even realise! An expert and impartial advisor will then be able to help them identify roles they may not have considered before, but that are perfect for their skill-set and personality.

Outplacement should be integral to any voluntary redundancy scheme.

If you’re implementing voluntary redundancies, outplacement will make choosing redundancy more appealing.

Your employees will feel more comfortable leaving knowing they’ll be properly supported into their next role. A voluntary redundancy scheme which has the right level of support will help ensure uptake, and even help you avoid involuntary redundancies further down the line.

A key benefit of a voluntary redundancy scheme could mean that any employees who stay on are the ones who really love their role, whilst the people who leave may be more open and ready to explore new opportunities.

Where can I find the best Outplacement service? Speak to a trusted recruitment agency, if they’re people you’ve already been working with that’s great as they’ll know your business and industry. It’s likely they’ll have an outplacement service that can be tailored to your needs.

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