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7 Summits You Need to Watch From Our Expert Line-Up

7 Summits You Need to Watch From Our Expert Line-Up

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Last edited May 8, 2023

7 Summits You Need to Watch From Our Expert Line-Up

Something we have always done well is bringing together some of the best minds in and outside of our market. Whether it was at our Huddles, Retreats and now our virtual summits we provide a platform for some of the finest thought leaders to share their insights so you may better grow as a leader in a hundred different aspects.

The summits are a premium feature of our TRNWorld platform and contain videos and discussions from market-leading entrepreneurs, sports personalities, speakers, celebrities, and more. Covering everything from marketing, sales, sourcing, leadership, growth, and everything in between.

With only 7 days from writing this article left in your full access to TRNWorld we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the top videos for you to tune into before your trial runs out. Insights that could be your lifeline to achieving success in the next few months.

From the Bounce Summit

1: Global Bounce Back. An international outlook on the recruitment industry. 

International insights from our panel of thought leaders, experts and strategic advisors that specialise in a global outlook, to give you an insight into the worldwide state of the industry and how the bounce is looking for different countries.

From the Marketing & Sales Summit.

2: The basics of building your personal brand from home, and drive engagement on your content.

Sean Andersson of Hoxo Media helps you understand how to maximise your personal brand and really utilise it to find clients, candidates, and establish yourself and your business as market leaders from home. A perfect watch for those wanting to step up the online profile post-COVID.

From the Virtual Sourcing Summit

3: Lessons in sourcing a conversation with James Osborne. 

Sourcing expert Hung Lee joins James Osborne to discuss how to maximise your sourcing efforts and some of the modern ways of finding the very best talent in your industry. Something that will be very important on an increasingly online candidate pool especially during this time of crisis.

From the Virtual Leadership Summit

4: A perspective from inside recruitment

TRN’s Gordon Stoddart caught up with 6 leaders of recruitment businesses to understand how the current situation has changed things for them internally and what decisions they have made in the best interests of their companies and their people. He uncovers challenges, solutions, advice and ideas from the coalface of recruitment and discuses how to prepare for the bounce.

From the Solution Selling Summit

5: Influencing the decision makers.

Ruth Saunders uses her 30+ years of experience as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co, marketer at P&G, advertising planner at Saatchi & Saatchi and market researcher at Mars Inc to help clients develop, get Board buy-in to and implement innovative customer, marketing and brand strategies that deliver tangible business growth.

From TRN’s The Bounce Summit

6: Navigating Through and Beyond Recession. 

With the news of us being plummeted into another deep recession following COVID-19. This summit talk from Levy UK NED David Higgings discussing how to effectively navigate your business through a recession is perfectly pertinent.

From the Marketing & Sales Summit.

7: Rulebooks, metrics and measures. What does marketing success look like?

Luke Quilter, Co-founder of award-winning digital agency Sleeping Giant Media and Giant Campus gives a fantastic talk on marketing success in 2020 and beyond, especially when it comes to the metrics and measures. Something that will become very important in our increasingly digital environment, where those who utilize marketing effectively will win.

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