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14 Articles, Webinars, Tools & More You Need to Read Before September 1st!

14 Articles, Webinars, Tools & More You Need to Read Before September 1st!

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Last edited May 8, 2023

14 Articles, Webinars, Tools & More You Need to Read Before September 1st!

With the countdown ticking for free unrivaled access to the whole TRN World platform we thought we would share some of the best articles, tools and value-adding goodies packed inside our huge library of content.

If you missed our previous article we published 10 Powerplays you need to watch to get your recruitment business post COVID-19 ready. Where we share just some of the many powerplay videos perfect for recruitment leaders looking to one-up their knowledge and push their business through Q4 and beyond.

TRNWorld boasts an absolutely huge 2,800+ tools, guides and articles for recruitment professionals to grow every aspect of their business and skillset. And, it’s growing every single day!

So.. We wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed, that’s a lot of value packed into a handy little tool. But, worry not we’re sharing 14 value-packed pieces of content you can grab right now for free to up your game.

1: Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is what organisations do to work out what resources they need where. As talent acquisition partners and as true consultants we should be asking the questions that they should be asking themselves. If they understand workforce planning, they’ll respect you for asking the right questions. If they don’t, they’ll value the fact that you’re asking questions that get them thinking.

Either way, you’ll find out information that’ll help you understand the long, medium and short term resource requirements. This is consultancy, this is business coaching. It involves a series of questions which begin with bigger picture strategic questions and end with shorter term tactical questions.

2: 3 Month Cash Forecast, Cashflow Tool.

During the Covid-19 crisis having an understanding of your cash position is even more important than ever. That’s why this essential tool will help you plan the next 3 critical months of your business.

3: How to Build and Develop a Contract Recruitment Business Webinar

This webinar is perfect for any recruitment business that only does permanent at the moment but wants to start a contract division or a Recruitment Business that has a handful of contractors running but wants to develop a contract separate business model to work alongside the permanent division.

4: The Definitive Guide to Strategy & Business Planning

This definitive guide will provide recruitment business leaders with the confidence, ability and some practical tools to develop a strategy and a robust, thoughtful plan to achieve their ambition.

5: Recruitment Leadership Adjustment Wheel

The Leadership Adjustment Wheel is a visual tool that helps you to understand the areas in which your people may need extra support – it will also give you a basis for which kind of leadership style they may benefit from most in each of these areas.

6: Get Your House in Order: Organisational Effectiveness Audit

The House and our Organisational Effectiveness Audit is a simple yet powerful tool for reviewing to what extent you have organisational effectiveness. This audit tool will help you to identify where you may have gaps and therefore what you may need to prioritise in order to improve your organisational effectiveness.

7: Talent Mapping Tool

This Talent Mapping tool will help you firstly to look inwards at your internal talent and provides shape and structure to what kind of actions you should take to help build your talent as your business grows. And secondarily will help you to map each staff member and their risks of leaving the business. This will help you to visualise where you should focus your attention.

8: Virtual Onboarding for Clients

This guide is absolutely essential during these times. Find out how to effectively onboard new hires whether in your own business or advising your clients for recent placements. This guide provides an unbranded version to allow for easy communication and consultation for clients.

9: The Definitive Guide to Talent Attraction and Employee Engagement

A Comprehensive Guide to help you increase your employee engagement levels and attract the best talent.

10: Productisation Webinar with James Osborne

Designing developing and delivering fit for purpose recruitment solutions for today’s market. A popular webinar from TRN Chairman James Osborne.

11: Strategic Selling A New Dawn in Recruitment

This guide helps you build out a strategic sales plan to fire up the new business development and account penetration machines within your businesses. Looking at unearthing market opportunities, solution selling, maximising the sale, negotiation and more.

12: How to Market and Sell Your Product Suite Webinar

Productising your offering is one of the most vital aspects that needs to be done right for a modern recruitment business looking to survive 2020 and beyond. James Osborne breaks this down into detail with this very popular webinar.

13: Recruitment Recovery Guide

As the world starts to emerge from a near global lockdown, comparisons have been made to recovering from a recession. And whilst there are many similarities, there are plenty of differences too. Not just the speed with which we went into this scenario with little time for planning, but the unequal way the employment market has been affected – with some parts unable to continue to work, and others in peak demand.

14: How & Why Small Recruitment Businesses Should Utilise Marketing

Join Gordon Stoddart and Neil Rudolph from Redknows as they talk all things marketing, from Google for Jobs, LinkedIn & personal branding to why you should aim to create synergy between your sales team and marketing team.

Remember the clock is ticking for our free offer of the full TRN World suite during COVID-19. September 1st is when we will be asking our members to upgrade and help support our growing tool.

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