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James Osborne at LinkedIn 1st November 2018 – Revolution or Evolution [Free Slides]

James Osborne at LinkedIn 1st November 2018 – Revolution or Evolution [Free Slides]

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Last edited May 8, 2023

James Osborne at LinkedIn 1st November 2018 – Revolution or Evolution [Free Slides]

TRN Chairman James Osborne spoke at the World Employment Conference in Dublin on Thursday 7th June. We’ve included all the slides and content included from the day.

Revolution or Evolution – LinkedIn 1st November 2018

Today’s LinkedIn session brought recruitment leaders and professionals from all over the UK and Ireland together to discuss some of the latest developments in the recruitment world as well as share best practice ideas with their peers. With over 100 recruitment leaders joining us at LinkedIn’s London HQ, this was a fantastic gathering of minds and expertise.

Paul Gyn from Aristar Consulting walked us through the key financial triggers and measures that all recruitment businesses should monitor, as well as insight into how to create appropriate and useful financial board packs, so the numbers become more than just that, but instead opportunities to maximise growth.

Guests also enjoyed some fascinating and very real / honest insights from the panel, made up of Kirsty Trafford-Green, Ed Stevens, Jason Guilt and Janine Mostyn and hosted by LinkedIn’s Cara O’Leary – the ability to gain access to the inner workings of another recruitment organisation to understand their pains, challenges and success stories is a pivotal opportunity for recruitment leaders to learn what to do and what not to do as they grow.

Kicking off the morning, my presentation asked the question about whether recruitment organisations should be undergoing a process of evolution or revolution if they want to outperform the market. Undoubtedly, with the ever-changing recruitment market evolving at such a pace, there is always a call for revolutionising what we are doing. However, this cannot happen until we have made our businesses robust, sustainable and efficient.

Evolution MUST come before revolution and the way to do that is through six key strategies of success:

  1. Organisation
  2. Consolidation
  3. Productisation
  4. Profitisation
  5. Personalisation
  6. Empowerment

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