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James Osborne at the RecExpo2018 – Crazy Optimistic Realism & Positively Discontent [Free Slides]

James Osborne at the RecExpo2018 – Crazy Optimistic Realism & Positively Discontent [Free Slides]

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

James Osborne at the RecExpo2018 – Crazy Optimistic Realism & Positively Discontent [Free Slides]

TRN Chairman James Osborne held a workshop and a presentation at this years Recruitment Agency Expo. We’ve included all the slides and content included from the day.Thank you for coming along to listen in to my presentations at this year’s Recruitment Agency Expo in London.  We have been inundated with positive feedback, questions and requests for the slides from the day, so we have made them available to you here.  Take some time to refresh yourself on what we discussed and make sure you use some of these ideas to get your business geared up for growth this year.

Remember, don’t just build another recruitment business – build a Purple Cow!

Positively Discontent – Masterclass on Recruitment Innovation & Market Disruption.

In a world that is more and more becoming digitalised, automated and transactional, recruitment organisations need to continue to understand, embrace and utilise technology to maintain their agility, whilst at the same time delivering a more personalised level of service than ever before to ensure they stand out from the crowd and maintain a positive edge (in what is a fairly crowded market!).  In this presentation, we discuss how recruiters can build a more personalised way of selling to clients and candidates using some of the learning of Greek Philosophers, Hollywood Producers and Neuroscientists.

Now is the time to consolidate your position in the market, use tech to improve your agility and disrupt the market by making recruitment very personal again.

Crazy Optimistic Realism – Building a Successful Recruitment Business Ready for Tomorrow’s World.

The markets are evolving, the economies are in a state of flux, recruiters more than ever are facing an abundance of pressures from every angle – so what is there to be optimistic about as recruiters? Well, actually a lot! This is one of the most exciting times in decades to be a recruiter.

There is huge opportunity ahead of us and the market predictions show significant growth in a number of areas, but only some recruiters will really capitalise and maximise on today and tomorrow’s market conditions. It is time to raise the bar, drive the engine room of your business and increase your market share whilst some of your competitors are getting left behind.

Global Uncertainty and it’s impact on our markets was a big theme in James’s talk

If you enjoyed James’s presentation and want to find out more about how we can help you build a successful recruitment agency then fill the form below.

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