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Looking at Leadership through Deborah Frances-White

Looking at Leadership through Deborah Frances-White

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

Looking at Leadership through Deborah Frances-White

Looking at Leadership through Deborah Frances-White,In the last week we have released our Recruitment Expertise Dashboard, also known as REX, to the public. Rex regularly brings the best talks & video tutorials from all over the web to help our visitors to watch cutting-edge talks about recruiting, leadership, customer-experience, sourcing, marketing and SEO.

We upload new videos every week focusing on a variety of on-trend topics with this week’s videos focusing on leadership. We hear from Deborah Frances-White in two of her own videos and then her interview with Edith Cooper. We want to share with you a little more detail on the content of the videos that we’ve uploaded.

Deborah Frances-White is the host of podcast The Guilty Feminist, a founding member of The Spontaneity Shop, co-author of The Improv Handbook, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, corporate speaker and executive coach; and she is passionate about helping women in business to unlock their personal power. Deborah spoke at the LinkedIn Talent Connect event in Las Vegas in 2016, on creating confidence through charismatic leadership. It is often assumed that people are either born with charisma or they’re not, but that is not the case; it can be learned.

Being a charismatic leader is about bringing energy to the room, not feeding off other people’s energy. Deborah makes the link between leadership, public speaking and stand up, and suggests getting a slot on an open mic night, as a way to practice owning a room. She puts some techniques under the magnifying glass which can be make or break in terms of leadership.

She provides really interesting and actionable, simple techniques to try out in her video. Click on the image below to watch it for yourself, see if you can implement some of these ideas.

Deborah was also a keynote speaker at Talent Connect London in 2015 too. Here she spoke on the power of play within the workplace. We all want to come up with the next big idea, but do we know the best way to go about finding it?

The key message is that play isn’t just for children, as adults we are missing a trick if we keep play out of the office. Children are focused on quantity, they want lots of turns, while adults hold back to find out if their input is good enough before taking theirs. Adults are focused on quality, the quality of their contribution to the group, not how many times they can contribute. But how do we, as adults, decide what quality is?

Deborah demonstrates some easy to implement and inventive solutions to generate ideas and new ways of thinking. Watch the video and join in at home with the activities on the video too. Click on the image below to watch the video on REX.

Following on from Deborah we hear from one of the highest- ranking women on Wall Street, Edith Cooper. Edith is the Global Head of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world. She has been an executive vice president since 2011 and has led Human Capital Management since 2008; she takes care of 34,000 employees at Goldman.

In this latest video she talks about challenging the ‘elephant in the room’ when it comes to having a diverse workforce. Diversity, as a subject, is often something that is a bit taboo and not talked about and this is something that needs to change.

As recruiters, we are concerned with the topic of talent attraction, and this is a topic that is widely discussed. Edith highlights using a range of insights within talent attraction to diversify the candidate pool. We all want to place the best candidate in the best role, and by widening the net in terms of where you look, you will increase your chances of doing this. So this is a win-win for everyone!

On REX we have uploaded the video of Edith being interviewed so you can listen for yourselves on changing the conversation on diversity. Click on the image below to watch the video on REX.

So, what can we learn from these three different videos? We have looked at two powerful women and their different views on business. From a corporate, very professional background, Edith discussed her views on diversity and having the discussion about it in the workplace. While on the other hand, Deborah has used play and charisma to command and direct people in the workplace. Both important and valuable insights that we can all take and use in our businesses today.

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