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Our Partner Highlights | 07

Our Partner Highlights | 07

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Last edited May 5, 2023

Our Partner Highlights | 07

At The Recruitment Network we work closely with our partner organisations to offer the best in the way of knowledge, tips and advice for our members, but we also want to extend that to our readers too.Here at TRN we work closely with our partners, all of whom are experts in their field, to offer the best tips, knowledge and advice for our members. We want to extend some of this out to our readers too, so here are some of the insightful blogs, articles and news from them over the past few weeks.

Access Group

Gold Partners, Access Group, write about how a good candidate experience has the power to change minds, increase engagement and cement a wonderful relationship between your agency and candidates. They said according to a recent report ‘98% of candidates who had a positive candidate experience would refer others to apply’ which is a golden statistic that’s good to ignore. So, how can you capitalise on this and make sure you’re providing your candidates with the best experience you can? Access provide some brilliant points on just how you can do that and create a strong candidate journey in recruitment.

Growing your recruitment business can sometimes be harder than you think it will be. Many businesses get stuck, wondering why they can’t scale up. Access have some great tips on how you can overcome this, as they go through why recruitment agencies struggle with growth and explain some areas that are worth investing time in.

We’re long past the days of filling roles and walking off happily into the sunset. Recruitment has thankfully evolved, and we consult, we partner, we advise on hiring strategies and look further than the job offer and the first day. This is why driving engagement in recruitment is an essential part of the role. Access tell us all about how you can drive the engagement in your business, with the clients and candidates that you work with.

6CATS International

With so much new and amended legislation affecting recruitment agencies at the moment it is crucial that recruiters and agencies are compliant. It is common for speculation to surround legislation changes and this is something that recruiters need to make sure they avoid, in order to make sure they are compliant. Gold Partners, 6CATS International have written a recent article all about why recruiters need to avoid speculation.

When looking at compliance there are some common ways that agencies are non-compliant which 6CATS have written about to make sure you don’t put your agency at risk. With potentially big penalties for non-compliance it is definitely worth making sure your recruitment agency is not put at risk.

Brookson One

Brookson One, who are also TRN Gold Partners, provide specialist accountancy services to contractors, freelancers and self employed professionals. They have written a few articles recently aimed at this audience, from going self employed for the first time to what are the options available when becoming a contractor, they are a brilliant source of advice and knowledge when it comes to these areas.

BlueSky PR

Following our recent Women in Recruitment Roundtable event at the end of May, Gold Partner BlueSky PR, wrote a roundup of the event on their blog. Zahra, from BlueSky, who attended the event, wrote about her thoughts from the day and what the next step is for women in recruitment.

So, you’re putting plenty of content and posts out on your social media platforms but you’re not seeing any return. What do you do? Well, BlueSky have written a blog article all about the cardinal sins of content. They run through some key points to consider if your content isn’t working as well as you had hoped.

PR Specialists and TRN Gold Partners, BlueSky PR, tell us that PR is an art, not a science and is not about to be taken over by technology any time soon. According to reports from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) 32% of the skills needed to practice PR require no technological assistance, which doesn’t look set to change.


With leaders anticipating that they will spend nearly double on hiring over the next three years, this offers your agency the chance to win plenty of new business, but how can you demonstrate that you have the skills and expertise that rival your competitors? TRN Gold Partner, Bullhorn, share two key factors for you to keep in mind to maintain your competitive edge this year.

There are two key factors which have become prominent in the last 6 months in recruitment according to Bullhorn. These are building relationships and utilising new technologies. An event that is fast approaching that will be targeting these areas is Bullhorn’s Engage event which is in September. They have just announced the first speakers for the event, one of which is TRN Chairman, James Osborne. Read all about the event and the speakers here.

Now that the deadline for GDPR has passed, Bullhorn has some post-GDPR recruitment top tips for effective marketing. Consultants will need to delve deep into their recruitment toolkits to find, and utilise innovative approaches to their day-to-day practices to continue to be competitive.


cube19 provide recruitment-specific analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and gamification to help recruitment companies increase revenue, scale efficiently, improve data quality, and motivate teams. They have recently written about recruitment’s biggest innovation, which has been around all along, just not being used. They run through some ways you can use this innovation and get the most out of it.


We’ve all been plagued with the changes in legislation surrounding GDPR recently but IR35 is something that will also affect recruitment agencies with contract desks in the coming months, so is something to be aware of. Chartered certified accountants, Raffingers, who specialise in working with recruitment agencies have written all about the pending IR35 changes in one of their recent articles.

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