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#RecruitmentMeansDiversity | Women in recruitment roundtable

#RecruitmentMeansDiversity | Women in recruitment roundtable

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

#RecruitmentMeansDiversity | Women in recruitment roundtable

We’re very excited to announce our latest initiative #RecruitmentMeansDiversity a project where we’ll be shining a spotlight on how the recruitment industry currently attracts, retains and treats their talent.

With help from our Steering Committee and the input of a variety of professionals from across the industry we hope to make some significant strides and truly make a difference.

As part of our initiative we’ll be hosting a series of roundtable events where we’ll be bringing together a wide-ranging group of individuals to conduct roundtable discussions. These will help plan and direct the future of our diversity initiatives and what we can do collectively to make the recruitment industry just that bit better.

Our first roundtable event will focus on women in recruitment and will be held on Thursday 7th December within central London. We’re bringing together a varied group of individuals to discuss the future of our initiatives and what we can do collectively to promote equality in the recruitment industry. It could mean working alongside or partnering with others in the industry, or could be something completely new!

To kick-start the discussion at our upcoming roundtable event we’ve developed a short survey for those working in the recruitment industry to complete (whether they’re male or female).

The survey will help us get vital knowledge & insights from the industry, steering the discussion in the right direction as we’ll be analysing our findings before the event and presenting it at the roundtable.

Please click here to take the quick 5 minute survey.

Once we’ve conducted our first roundtable discussion we’ll be producing content on what we learnt and the direction we’ll be heading with our initiative, making everything we do as transparent as possible and getting everyone involved.

Visit our official Landing page for updates & more information.

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