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Top 5 things Millennials are looking for when joining a new company.

Top 5 things Millennials are looking for when joining a new company.

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Last edited May 2, 2023

Top 5 things Millennials are looking for when joining a new company.

When it comes to Recruitment, the millennial seems like an elusive entity that thinks completely different to your old hat ways of thinking, but it needn’t be like that all.

True, the millennial generation priorities have changed. Things such as job stability are not as important as they were 10—15 years ago.

The market is awash with vacancies and there is no shortage of talent in a wide net of specialist roles in emerging markets.

So when you’re creating your excellent job advert to attract the best talent, from the Millennial candidate pool, try to keep these 5 factors in mind.

They want to be part of a charitable cause

Millennials have been born and shaped by a world of constant information. Unfortunately, much of this stream of information is about the bad of the world, this therefore has contributed to a charitable disposition in Millennials.

According to a study conducted by Fortune, two-thirds of Millennials said they were more likely to work for a firm that gives to charity vs one that does not.

This is excellent news, giving to charity is a wonderful thing and does nothing but good for all parties concerned. Perhaps give a team member some more responsibilities when it comes to organising charitable events.

And don’t forget to let the world know through your website and social channels.

Training and Progression

With an expanding and diverse employment landscape, job roles are varied and full of different skills, that can be learnt. It’s no wonder then, that eager young Millennials want to expand their knowledge and become equipped to take on a variety of roles.

There are a great many things your employees can learn that will help your company, things such as copywriting and marketing can get employees writing articles for your company, strengthening their bond to the company.

To be part of a company culture

With companies like Google and Facebook leading the way, company culture is a vital aspect to a Millennials decision to apply for a job. From office dogs, free breakfast in morning, company organised trips and breakout areas.

It’s been proven that company culture vastly improves employee satisfaction and creates an environment where you’ll attract and retain talent.

Start to implement company culture in your business and make sure you show it off on a careers page on your website – You can be guaranteed those tech savvy Millennials will be crawling over your website to see if they’ll fit in.

A drastically different approach to leadership

The attitude of the Boss is a massive motivation (or demotivation) to a young employee in the office. With inspirational leaders boasting about the cool and zany ways they’ve tripled the motivation of their employees, this will leave your millennials thinking ‘Why can’t my boss be more like that’

Support your Millennials, give them the time of day, and they’ll grow and bond with you more than if you offer only a stern and distant disposition.

Opportunities for growth.

You think your young eager Millennials have only cold hard cash on their minds when it comes to giving you their all? Wrong. Happiness and growth play an important factor in a millennials deciding whom they’ll work for (or stay working for).

Make sure you’ve set up a clear path of progression for your job role. Let them visualise a career full of responsibilities and interesting opportunities. And you’ll attract the best of them.

Remember everyone no matter what generation is different and if you make sure you’re  ambitious, welcoming and an exciting place to work then you’ll attract the best of them.

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