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#TRN Autumn Huddle Roundup

#TRN Autumn Huddle Roundup

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

#TRN Autumn Huddle Roundup

Last Thursday 100 recruitment leaders came together for another TRN members’ meeting, at the prestigious Kensington Roof Gardens – another fantastic meeting full of great content, inspiring speakers, engaged members and all within a unique and quirky venue (with added flamingos)!

The debates, discussions and peer-to-peer collaboration was nonstop all day and into the night, only interrupted by the various thought leaders and presenters who took to the stage…

Mark Pollock delivered a stirring story of personal determination


Mark Pollock

The day kicked off with the Inspirational Mark Pollock, who recounted his unbelievable and humbling story of how he first lost his sight yet persevered through his disability to reach the South Pole.  He was then struck with more bad luck as he became paralysed following a fall, yet still pushed himself to achieve some phenomenal feats, many of which are pushing the boundaries of science, robotics and bioscience.

Mark’s talk touched deeply on the importance of not giving up, perseverance and the power that’s held within collaboration and being the conduit that brings people together. It was a powerful start to the morning and a wakeup call to many of us.

James Johnson taught the power of inclusion and diversity


James Johnson

Next up was James Johnson, talking about Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. James is the group CEO of Nicoll Curtin, a recruitment agency that has won many awards for their outstanding working environments and what James spoke about is based on their award winning success.

He taught us the power of diversity and what we sometimes miss especially when we grow as a company, the power of inclusion and the effects it can have on performance and a healthy and productive workplace.

Mark Robb gave us an engaging talk on leadership & engagement


Mark Robb

One of the most well received speakers of our day Mark Robb, had our members enchanted with his engaging, value packed talk about leadership and engagement.

Mark talked about the 28 factors needed to create the best conditions to be a leader with four ‘Meta themes’ as a takeaway at the end – members frantically writing action plans to take back to their teams to drive greater engagement.

Data and GDPR the spotlight was an interesting mix of experts



Our spotlight hosted 3 experts covering 3 key topics; Daniel Dackombe sales director for LinkedIn, Dan McGuire CEO of cube19 and Lucy Kendall GDPR Expert and co-founder of Comply GDPR.

Daniel Dackombe brought us a fascinating insight into some of the latest statistics and trends within staffing markets across Europe while also looking at the future of emerging markets and what this will mean for The Recruitment Industry.

Next up was Dan McGuire CEO of Cube19 who spoke about their partnership with The Recruitment Network and the new TRN Index™ initiative, an anonymised data service available to all TRN members, analysing key data across their businesses all benchmarked against current industry standards.

Our final spotlight was presented by GDPY thought leader, Lucy Kendall who delivered an easy to understand insight around the big topic of GDPR. This is a topic we all should know but many are struggling to get to grips with. Lucy spoke about how GDPR will affect our Recruitment Leaders and dispelled some of the myths.

Tim Reid bringing structure to creativity


Tim Reid

The day finished with an interactive and highly entertaining talk with Tim Reid an innovation expert and co-writer of Peter Kay’s Car Share.

Tim brought structure to the creativity process, giving a clear set of guidelines and ideas to follow to get our member’s creative juices flowing. Along with interactive group sessions coming up with ideas, by testing his techniques our members came away with a fantastic blueprint to transform meetings into idea driven and fun brainstorms!

Hoxo media joined us to film and document the huddle. Click here to see Sean’s brief roundup video of the day.

Above is the kind of Feedback we receive from our members post our events.

By bringing in inspirational speakers and industry thought leaders together with our members on a regular basis, alongside all the additional benefits our members receive throughout the year, we are nurturing and building a club where recruitment leaders engage and share ideas which creates a truly unique environment for peer-to-peer collaboration.

If this sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, then we’re always free for a friendly conversation about how The Recruitment Network can help transform your Recruitment Business!

Click here to get in contact with us.

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