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What a day! – #TRN Sales and Marketing huddle

What a day! – #TRN Sales and Marketing huddle

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Last edited May 2, 2023

What a day! – #TRN Sales and Marketing huddle

Last Thursday over 70 recruitment professionals got together at the prestigious OXO Tower overlooking the Thames in London to join us for the hugely successful ‘Sales & Marketing’ Huddle .

These quarterly huddles serve as a great forum for members of The Recruitment Network to engage and grow with their peers and challenge their business processes and strategies, supported by some of the industry’s leading recruitment advisors.

So how exactly did the day go?

Our first speaker Phil M Jones kicked off the day, focusing on the fundamentals of the end to end sales process and really hit home at how important the micro-moments are for businesses.

Social Selling for Recruiters

Our next speaker was the ever-charismatic CEO of Social Talent, Johnny Campbell and his talk brought some serious note taking from our engaged members! Social Selling has become one of the most hotly discussed topics for Recruiters and Johnny’s talk laid it all out, giving some impressive nuggets of wisdom that receive some amazing feedback from our members.


After Johnny’s interactive talk, our members were split into a number of different Breakout groups led by our some of our advisory team (Tony Goodwin, Graham Palfery-Smith etc…) and was a chance to bring together industry experts and a group of other recruitment leaders in a controlled consultancy environment.

These breakout sessions were filled with excellent discussions, challenging each other’s pain-points, sharing solutions and planning for greater business success – real actionable insights that our members can take and deploy.

ConSol Partners Case study

After lunch our members were enthralled by an excellent Case Study talk from Graeme Hubert, CEO of the hugely successful ConSol Partners who were recently bought by the Empresaria Group. Graeme’s story was insightful and captivating, discussing the struggles, trials and successes of ConSol as they continue on their journey of growth.

Are you Really Doing Digital?

Taking a different turn, we then brought onto the stage Luke Quilter, CEO of the award winning PPC/SEO specialist company Sleeping Giant Media. In an amazing value add for our members, Sleeping Giant Media produced bespoke ‘audits’ of our member companies.

Each individual audit included premium info such as Backlinks, Organic Competitors, Keywords and Rankings about each of our members’ websites. His talk then preceded to discuss the importance of SEO for finding clients and standing out from your competitors, followed by another breakout where each of the members could really discuss the more tactical side of their marketing strategies.

Getting Goosebumps with Digital Marketing

The last speaker brought one of the liveliest and info-packed talks, the hugely effervescent Dave Hazlehurst – aka: ‘Google Dave’. Dave spoke about emerging trends and the ever-changing face of digital marketing for companies.

The day concluded with all the members developing a strategic action plan and list of things to implement back in their businesses, each of which are now being followed up by The Recruitment Network advisory team to ensure they become more than just words!

Want to get involved with our next Huddle, then join the programme…

The value our members receive and the impact the club is making to their business performance, profitability and growth potential is unparalleled.

P.S. – here’s some of the feedback from the day:

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