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Which Selling Style is Right for Recruitment?

Which Selling Style is Right for Recruitment?

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Last edited May 2, 2023

Which Selling Style is Right for Recruitment?

The attitude we have as a leader can directly impact on employee engagement and job satisfaction. Here are a few tips to develop an inspirational attitude:

Choose your Reaction

Your reaction to an event can determine the outcome – think about the reaction you show to your team. You can use your reaction to an event as an opportunity to motivate and engage your staff – this allows your team to be confident in you as a leader.

Motivate Employees

Motivating staff can be challenging – each individual has different motivators. Setting targets is a good way of motivating staff a long as they are realistic. With a positive attitude you can motivate your staff and reward when targets are met.

Another way to motivate staff is to have an awards ceremony / incentive scheme that exists outside of the targets set to reward the hardest workers. Demonstrating your desire to have a successful workforce coupled with employee’s pride at achieving will boost morale and increase work levels. The best leaders inspire their team to achieve long term goals and reward them when they have done so.

Remain Positive

There are moments when businesses have really tough times and as a leader you are consumed with the outlook, the numbers you are seeing, faltering sales etc. As the leader of the business if you present a negative attitude on a daily basis during these times it is going to be picked up on by your employees which in turn will change their attitude at work.

Presenting a positive attitude during tough times can really show your strength as a leader, that’s not to say you have to put on a fake smile on and ignore what is happening in the business. Communicating to employees during this time will also help to keep employees engaged so you can all come together, understand the areas of weaknesses in the business and build a plan to turn it around.

Value Others

Recognising and valuing the team you have around you is crucial. Inability to see the worth in your employees and showing gratitude for the hard work they put in on a daily basis will be detrimental to the workforce.

Demonstrating you understand the value of your team doesn’t have to mean bonuses and pay rises but can be as simple as saying thank you and acknowledging the extra effort they have put in.

As leaders we have to understand the impact our attitude can have on our employees and their engagement levels – taking the time to stop and think about this, altering any behaviour that might be negative, will demonstrate our worth as leaders and get the results we are after.

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