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We specialise in mid and senior finance recruitment and the vast majority of our business is within the recruitment sector.

As we have all worked and built businesses within this market for 24+ years, we understand your ‘pain points’ and we can relate and advise on the challenges faced. 

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We help with far more than ‘just recruitment’. Whether you are seeking a new, commercial CFO or FD, or your first internal finance hire, we will advise you and put you in contact with others who have also been on that journey.

If you are reading this, you are likely to be an expert on recruitment and retention. However, we will discuss how we plan to represent you to our network and how to improve the proposition to the target audience (including any advertising material) in order to attract the top candidates.

Given the nature of our sector, we will address how best to partner with you to maintain a positive brand perception with candidates before, during and after your recruitment campaign..

Having recruited senior finance staff across multiple sectors, we ‘fell’ into supporting other recruitment businesses several years ago. We truly love the recruitment sector and we couldn’t be happier with this path and the people we now partner with.

We are fuelled by referrals as well as jobseekers who subsequently turn into recruiting clients based on how we treat them. This speaks volumes about our approach and it is a lovely way to grow a business.

We are known for our motto “Relationships are more important than a deal”, and if you have never asked a consultancy how they ‘sell’ your brand, along how this can be improved and monitored, or you want advice, we’d love to hear from you.

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Become a TRN partner

TRN partners work collaboratively with the members across the network to help them achieve their goals and growth plans.

Our partners have been handpicked for being the best in their field, ensuring our members get access to the most up to date support they need to outperform the market.