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The Possibility Partnership

All-in-one Tech Partner For Business

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The Possibility Partnership

We’re The Possibility Partnership, the all-in-one tech partner for businesses. Whether you need cloud solutions, app development or on-the-ground tech leadership, we’ll partner with your business and transform your relationship with technology.

Led by talented techies Craig and Gareth, our services span the breadth of the Grand Canyon, or at least the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Partner services

Technology is a beautiful thing, but technology in the wrong hands means you end up with the last three Matrix films. At The Possibility Partnership we sell, support and specialise in a range of partner services.

We offer exceptional tech support for the following:

  • Google Workspace

  • Microsoft 365

  • Mimecast

  • RingCentral

  • Freshworks

By partnering with us, we’ll help save you money, reduce stress and free up your team to focus on what they do best.

Cloud tech

Moving your business to the cloud can feel like building a rocket to the moon. We’ll make the transition pain-free, with expert cloud consultancy to guide your way, and carefully managed cloud migration in a timeframe that works for you.

And we’re experts in cloud engineering and AWS architecture – a.k.a. the Sergeant Pepper of cloud technologies – which means we can build your cloud structure with pinpoint precision.

App development

Our app developer service means your app will be fine-tuned, user-friendly and aligned with your mission. If you have an app already, we can integrate your CRM with your billing system. Or if you need a totally new app designed and built from scratch, we’ll get cracking.

Digital transformation

Chrome wasn’t built in a day, but our digital transformation service can remove your tech roadblocks to help you forge the best path forward.

If you’re small in size but big in ambition, we’ll work with you to leverage your tech and scale that mountain. And if you’re stuck with crusty old legacy tech, we’ll give you the tools to do ‘more with less’.

It all starts with a discovery workshop and friendly chin-wag where we can identify problem areas and recommend solutions.

Fractional CTO

And finally, our Fractional CTO service gives you the expertise of a Chief Technology Officer but without the payroll headaches, internal politics and needless water cooler chat (sorry but not sorry).

If your business lacks a dedicated tech leader, we’ll empower you with technical support and solutions to tackle productivity dips, challenges with your tech and poor implementation of software. That includes road mapping, tech advisory services, thought leadership and the odd tea break or two.

Recruiters! We’re ready

We’ve helped countless restless recruiters get their tech systems back on track. Want to know more? Get in touch with The Possibility Partnership for a no-obligation chat.

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