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Since their founding in Finland in 2018, Leadoo Marketing Technologies has been on a mission to make sure their clients continuously convert their visitors to customers.

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For marketers

For curious marketers – we got you. We provide you with a platform full of the best conversion tools that allow you to increase your conversions immediatelyand in-depth insights so you’ll know in detail what works and what doesn’t – and who’s impacted by your marketing efforts.

For sales teams

Hungry for results? We’ll get you there. You’ll get more (and better qualified!) leads, get more online sales, see which companies visit your website, as well as company details – such as revenue, industry and the size of the company.

All of this is automatically and easily connected with your existing sales processes and CRM.

Immediate results

Conversion Kit includes all the conversion tools you need for converting your website visitors.
With Conversion Kit you’ll get on average 50% more conversions.

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Become a TRN partner

TRN partners work collaboratively with the members across the network to help them achieve their goals and growth plans.

Our partners have been handpicked for being the best in their field, ensuring our members get access to the most up to date support they need to outperform the market.