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3 Simple Steps to Build a Strong Reputation in Your Recruitment Business

3 Simple Steps to Build a Strong Reputation in Your Recruitment Business

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Last edited May 2, 2023

3 Simple Steps to Build a Strong Reputation in Your Recruitment Business

Day 3 is here and it’s a Saturday! – The weekend is a great time to spend some time reflecting and thinking about the coming week. That’s why we’re talking about something very fundamental to a businesses success; Reputation. The maker and breaker of industry, yet it needn’t be so scary; we’ve got 3 simple steps you can implement in the coming week to really build a strong reputation!

How can you expect to win new customers and retain your existing customers if you don’t have a good reputation in your industry? With the internet, your reputation good or bad can spread like wild fire if you’re not on top of it.

Consumers are aware more than ever who they are buying from and a lot more research is done prior to a purchase. What can we do to build a strong reputation in our industry?


Your people are behind your reputation, every employee’s actions and your service / product collectively make up how you are represented in the industry.

Having a clear set of values that exist within your business that you operate, recruit, deliver and live by will set the standard for your reputation.

These values will not only allow you to build a strong reputation both internally and externally but to continually measure your service and people against these values to maintain your reputation. Utilising these values as part of the person specification for any new hires will also ensure you are attracting the talent that can enhance your reputation.


Feedback from clients is a vital part of building your business and reputation. If you are striving to provide a certain type of service and feedback indicates this isn’t the case then you can take steps to rectify this.

Don’t hide from the feedback you receive, use this as an opportunity to better your service / product, and if needed along the way keep gaining feedback from clients so that you ensure the alterations you make are the right ones.

Don’t be afraid to ask for honest feedback from your employees as well, a disgruntled employee talking to others can often do as much damage to your reputation as an external issue.


Following the feedback you receive ask clients to write case studies / testimonials on you and your service and use these as part of your pitch when attracting new clients. If a potential customer hears how great you are from an existing clients it will have more weight than if you say how great you are.

Having client testimonials will help build your reputation in the industry, the reputation of the client in the case study / testimonial will also rub off on yours.

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