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How to Get Your Jobs On Google as a Recruiter

How to Get Your Jobs On Google as a Recruiter

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 8, 2023

How to Get Your Jobs On Google as a Recruiter

By using your existing client base to develop new business, you can reduce the amount of time spent searching for new potential clients, increasing your efficiency & productivity.

How Many of Your Jobs are Appearing on Google?


As you might be aware,  we like to run a weekly poll for the recruitment community, posing questions which have been subject to discussion amongst recruiters. Every Tuesday we ask a different question so be sure to follow us over on our Twitter page to see these. This week, we chose the topic of Google for Jobs.

Following a discussion that our marketing manager had at one of his marketing workshops, this appeared to be a topic which sparked debate. It became clear that delegates had been attempting to get their jobs to appear on Google, but many had encountered issues or been unable to understand the process.


Over 50% of top UK recruiters not “Google for Jobs” ready

When our poll results came in, we found that 55% of the respondents were not actively trying to use Google Jobs, but would like to in the future.


As we are all aware, Google dominates the search market and with its move into the jobs space, it is definitely beneficial to be featured as it is the first point of contact for most job seekers.

Why bother with Google for Jobs?


When we originally wrote an article about Google’s entry into the jobs space back in July last year, it was only in the testing stage in the US. However, due to its success in that market, Google for Jobs is now up and running the UK too. Due to the dominance of the search engine and its success in the US market, it is a must-have for any recruitment agency wanting to get their job postings noticed.

To show you how it works, if we type in “Developer jobs near me”, you can obviously see that Google acts as an aggregator of relevant job listings.


Can I post directly to Google for Jobs?

I don’t think I need to do too much convincing when it comes to the sharing power of ranking highly with Google for Jobs.


But, what we’ve seen from our poll results and conversations, is that many people are confused by how Google works with their job feature.

So, in this article, we’ll list the ways in which you can rank on Google and we’ll link the more complicated and in-depth resources we can find if you’re feeling brave and want to get into the nitty-gritty!

So how do I feature?

Google Jobs acts as an enhanced search feature. Google, just like their regular search they only act an aggregator of listings, which their algorithms rank in terms of relevancy, determined by certain criteria you must meet (SEO). The Google Jobs feature works exactly the same, your job listing must honour a set list of criteria set by the Google algorithm which is achieved through something called Structured Data.

How Google finds your jobs

There are 3 ways that Recruiters can get their job posts onto Google Jobs:

1).Websites like Workable offer features in which you can get your job posted to Google jobs.


2). Post to one of Google’s partners’ job boards. Adding a listing to these increases your chances of Google picking up your job. These are:


  • Reed
  • Guardian Jobs
  • Haymarket
  • TotalJobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • CV-Library
  • Monster

3).Get technical with Structured Data.

If you want Google to show your company name and link straight to your website, as well as cutting the cost of a job board, then this is the option for you. However, this requires a bit of technical knowledge and the right set up.


If you’re paying for a SEO/Marketing agency to provide you with services, then this should definitely be included in the costings.

But, if you are comfortable working with HTML and have some knowledge of SEO, then you’ll need to utilise Structured Markup so Google crawls your job posting.

Their official documentation to get you started is here.

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