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Jack Parsons embarks on ‘BIG’ plans with Big Youth Group.

Jack Parsons embarks on ‘BIG’ plans with Big Youth Group.

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

Jack Parsons embarks on ‘BIG’ plans with Big Youth Group.

ack Parsons is back up and swinging, with his latest initiative Big Youth Group. We catch up with Jack and ask him a few questions about his experiences, Big Youth Group and more!Jack Parsons has had some ups and downs the last year, what with his social media business YourFeed going into bankruptcy. But, it’s great to see he’s bouncing back and learning from the experience, still sticking to his personal mission of connect two million young people to work and opportunities. And this will be realised with Big Youth Group, which will continue to build networks for businesses and young talent to come together.

Jack has some impressive backing with support from Google’s digital Garage, Accenture and Sage who will bring his latest passion project to life with the technology. Jack will also be teaming up again with ex-Havas Media Group boss Paul Frampton.

We love Jack’s tenacity and vision, he wants to make this pledge a reality and we’re certain he’s going to make it happen with that kind of will power.

We had a chat with Jack and asked him a few questions about his latest venture and what he’s learnt from his experiences:

Jack Parsons on his mission to get students into meaningful work

Great to see you’re back up and swinging Jack, what does the future look like for you and your latest initiative?

“My passion since starting my first venture what solely for one purpose and that one purpose was to support young people from all different walks of life.


Creating a collective of companies that all support young people’s future is so exciting now with the biggest group there are several initiatives in play to support young people under the age of 30.

The future is about staying lean in a agile methodology so we can help young people near and far. I’ve recently also taken up several advisory roles which all have services that support young people which is also very exciting to develop and grow offering out there for young people.”

What is the Big Youth Group

“A collective of youth first brands which all share a common purpose – to improve the odds for young people.


Big Youth Project – A social first mission connecting our community of 2 million young people to purposeful, work-life experiences.

Big Youth Accelerator – An accelerator which provides advice and support to young entrepreneurs (aged 18-30) to aid the successful launch, building and growth of a new business and their personal brand.

Big Youth Academy – An academy for young rising stars designed to nurture raw leadership skills, match them to purposeful career opportunities and ready them for success.”

What have your learnt from Yourfeed which you’ll be taking into your new business?

“I learnt a lot over the last three years with Yourfeed. Building up a personal brand and having a social first mission is so important so I will be taking that personal network and approach over to the Big Youth Group.


But most importantly I learnt to surround yourself with ‘good people’. People who share the same mission and values unfortunately certain investors in Yourfeed wanted to much control and didn’t share the same values and mission which was to connect young people and help them grow.”

Will you still be sticking to your Pledge?

“My mission to connect 2 million young people to opportunities was always a personal initiative and not one of Yourfeed’s so a big yes in terms of continuing with my mission to support young people however we have defined what it means by opportunities and this is now work-life experiences (mentor, jobs, work experience etc)”

Will you continue the theme of mentorship that you’ve been so passionate about?

“I think mentoring is so important and everyone should have a mentor in life. This is something I will continue to champion until the cows come home.”

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