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Our Partner Highlights | 02

Our Partner Highlights | 02

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 5, 2023

Our Partner Highlights | 02

At The Recruitment Network we work closely with our partner organisations to offer the best in the way of knowledge, tips and advice for our members, but we also want to extend that to our readers too.Here at TRN we work closely with our partners, all of whom are experts in their field, to offer the best tips, knowledge and advice for our members. We want to extend some of this out to our readers too, so here are some of the insightful blogs, articles and news from them over the past few weeks.

Brookson One

TRN Gold Partners, Brookson One, provide specialist accountancy services and an umbrella employment solution to help the flexible workforce maximise their take-home pay whilst remaining compliant.

In the next few weeks we have two events coming up that we are co-hosting with Brookson, one in London and one in Birmingham. The event will get recruiters up to speed with all things GDPR, IR35, Criminal Finance Act and Public Sector Changes. Find out more about the event and book your place now.

At the end of last week Brookson posted a blog article on how you, as a recruiter, can make your supply chain work for you. The article gives some excellent tips on getting the most out of implementing a PSL. In your company for your suppliers. It’s a great article and definitely worth a read.

As recruitment leaders and business owners you will know that being self employed and running a business is hard work. You have to be on the ball and keep on top of everything, so Brookson have composed a list of their top ten recommendations of 10 smartphone apps for the self-employed to help you keep on top of those deadlines and projects.

You can’t go anywhere these days without using some kind of technology, but what about Smart Home Tech? Brookson have investigated what kind of tech gadgets you would want in your house in one of their latest articles, which goes through the big three in that industry, Apple, Google and Amazon.


Bullhorn, who are also a TRN Gold Partner shared some insights this week from the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum that was held recently in the US. Growth, opportunities and technology were key trends from the event which are discussed here.

Keeping your candaidates happy is always important, but how much work do you put into making sure your candidate experience is top notch? In this article from Bullhorn they take you through 5 ways that you can use your applicant tracking system to improve that all important candidate experience.

Encourage and ignite your recruiters’ productivity with this article from Bullhorn, with the use of new tools and technologies. Giving you examples of the best ones to use, it will be easy for you to get up to speed quickly with the up and coming tech products.


Thomas International

With International Women’s day all over the news yesterday, Thomas International, the psychometric testing company, released a brilliant podcast on what’s stalling women’s progress in the workplace. This links nicely with our blog that came out yesterday too on bridging the confidence gap between men and women. It is something that is a big issue and this podcast makes some really interesting points on the subject.

Thomas’ theme of diversity follows nicely onto their video case study on Assessing adverse impact in recruiting talent at Harvey Nash. In 2016, Harvey Nash partnered with Thomas International to evaluate whether there was any evidence of adverse impact in their robust recruitment process. Over 12 a month period, they tracked hundreds of applicants for positions at Harvey Nash, monitoring demographic diversity, behavioural preferences and the eventual outcome of applications.

Access Group

This week Access released a really useful article on how to become a better recruiter and bill more. There are some great tips and tricks that you can use to build those vital relationships you need to get your deals closed. Definitely worth a read.

One of the biggest difficulties in running your recruitment agency that often people forget about is keeping cash in your business. Access share some their insight on ways to ease the pain of payrolling in your recruitment business in this latest article.

They say that running a rec to rec is one of the hardest forms of recruitment because recruiters are constantly moving about, and therefore you’re always paying rebates. Is this a challenge that you face often? Well here Access give 3 excellent ways you can keep them happy in your recruitment agency.


6CATS International

It’s been five months since the Criminal Finances Act 2017 came into force, but it would seem that despite our warnings, a vast number of recruiters remain exposed to possible criminal charges. Read all about this and check that you’re not putting your recruitment agency in jeopardy with this article from 6CATS.

The 183-day rule is something that contractors and corporations alike should be aware of, but are you aware of the myths that surround it too? Find out more about them in this blog article that has been released by 6CATS.



Kingsbridge are a fairly new silver partner of ours, signing up in January, but they have written some really helpful articles that we are excited to share with you.

One of their recent articles gives tips on how to market yourself. This is an important skill to have, not just as an individual but also as a company, to push out your name and bring in business. Have a read and pick up some tips.

Have you thought about the things you could do throughout the next year to make your business better and your life easier? Well, whether you have or haven’t, this blog article is a must read for some great tips on how to improve your business and make your life easier.

The team at Kingsbridge have also just announced that later this year they will be taking on the South West Half Tough Mudder to raise money for WellChild, a charity dedicated to providing support and care to seriously ill children, so they can thrive. So, please support them in this and you can find out more here.

BlueSky PR

BlueSky are a well-known TRN Silver partner who regularly released interesting blog articles for everyone to read, all about the world of PR. We’ve picked some of the best ones for you.

Writing content is hard enough when you are a busy recruiter but making sure that the content is engaging enough to do its job and draw in the traffic to your website is even harder. BlueSky share 5 top tips for creating engaging content in this latest article.

If you haven’t heard of the KFC crisis that has been in the news recently you must’ve been living under a rock. The kind of publicity that they have had recently due to their lack of chicken, closing over 900 restaurants is definitely not the good kind, but what can we learn from their problems? BlueSky investigate into what we can learn in this article.

They are many blurred lines when differentiating between PR and Marketing  but BlueSky are here to help, clarifying the differences for us in this blog article.

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