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The Future of Recruitment with Johnny Campbell

The Future of Recruitment with Johnny Campbell

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

The Future of Recruitment with Johnny Campbell

Door 6 of our #TRN Advent Calendar. Johnny Campbell, CEO of Social Talent gives his thoughts about the Future of Recruitment.


As part of our Future of Recruitment Advent Calendar we’ve brought in some of the industry’s biggest experts to get their thoughts on where our great industry is heading! Today we’ve got Johnny Campbell of Social Talent leaders of learning solutions for recruitment and sales. We’ve asked him a few questions to get his insights into the Future of Recruitment:

‘What’s going to be big in 2018 for the recruitment industry?’

More automation. We’ll finally start to see smart tech replace the early stages of the recruitment process with less people involved. This is already happening with algorithms for sourcing and stack-ranking candidates available in tools like Hiring Solved and Phenom People and digital application processes that provide an immersive screening and employer branding experience all in one. Recruiters will only turn up at the end of the process.

‘What trends do you predict for the future of the industry?’

Talent Acquisition functions will merge with Talent Development/ L&D teams as recruiters become more and more business focused and expand their toolkit to solve not “hiring” challenges but “skill” challenges. Hiring isn’t always the answer, sometimes its better to grow talent from within or re-train existing staff.

‘What do we do in 2017, that will be done very differently in 2018’

Arranging interviews. We’ll look back in a couple of years and laugh at the fact that we used to manually email interviewers and interviewees to schedule appointment, remind them to turn up and chase them for feedback. Tools like have been scheduling appointments with AI for a few years now and I’m seeing loads of companies adopt this obvious application of technology in the recruitment process.

‘What are the best brands doing right which will continue in 2018’

The best brands are doubling down on innovation to reduce costs whilst ALSO improving candidate experience. Why not have both? We live in an App economy where people expect immediate feedback and experiences that they control from their mobile device. These same technologies save cost, improve speed and drive a better candidate experience. The best brands aren’t letting go their recruiters, they’re up-skilling them and putting them to work as talent advisors and business partners. The future looks bright!

‘What can recruitment companies do right to be ready for the future’

Stop thinking MSP vs RPO vs Agency. Customers want talent solutions. That doesn’t mean adding two meaningless words to your website collateral, it means a fundamental shift in the organisational structure of recruitment companies from transactional to advisory.

‘Certain recruitment companies will not survive because’

They don’t have a growth mindset and still think up-skilling their consultants is a risk to their business. Not up-skilling their team is a risk to their business! Our corporate customers are leading the pace when it comes to educating their recruiters and providing learning opportunities for them. 3rd parties should always strive to stay ahead of the curve. Those that don’t, won’t survive.”

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