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Today is about to be excellent…

Today is about to be excellent…

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 8, 2023

Today is about to be excellent…

Today is about to be excellent…

The last couple of months have been some of the toughest in my life, as I am sure they have for many people.


Life has been testing us in ways we thought we would never see – emotionally, mentally, physically.

But in many ways, that is what life is all about – the test. The response to the test.

The resolve.

It’s like racing in a triathlon – you train to be ready for that big race day, and then when that day comes it nearly never goes to plan… so you adapt, you dig deep and find whatever resolve you have inside you to get you to that finish line.

Today marks that finish line for me, not of the race, but just of the first leg of the race.

We have worked very hard to achieve a very important milestone as a business this week.

We have crossed a very important finish line, but like a triathlon, there is no time to stop for too long – we can just pause for a moment.



There is another leg of this race still to be run.

… and so this morning I ask all of you out there who have been digging deep, who have been tested, who have been stretched in every way to just pause for a moment and reflect on what you have achieved these past few months.

You have been incredible, you have been a true competitor.

But now, as we enter into the next leg of this competition, we go again.

This leg of the race is the one that will define us.

This is where we build on what we have done so far in this competition, and ensure we get to the final leg of the race fit, positive and ahead of the pack.

Today is the beginning of a whole new race.

A new start.

A new opportunity to show up and be all that you were meant to be.

To the prove that all that training you have done was worth it.

Today is about to be excellent…

… because we have decided that it will be.

Join the TRN community where we are committed to making every day, well… excellent!

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