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Tracey Barrett asks how diverse is your recruitment agency?

Tracey Barrett asks how diverse is your recruitment agency?

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

Tracey Barrett asks how diverse is your recruitment agency?

Tracey Barrett managing director of BlueSky PR an agency which specialises in public relations for the recruitment industry, among other niche sectors; who are also a partner of The Recruitment Network. Has joined us with our new initiative #RecruitmentMeansDiversity, which will be shining a spotlight on how the recruitment industry attracts, retains and treats its talent.

Tracey recently wrote a piece of content for Global Recruiter, where she talks about how she’s working closely with The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative and her commended award by ENEI for a diversity and inclusion campaign.

She goes onto talk about how diversity in recruitment needs to be more than just a tick box. It’s great to have Tracey on-board with this campaign. Read her article below:

The first diversity roundtable:

On the 7th December we’ll be conducting our first ‘roundtable’ an event where we will bring a wide-ranging group of individuals to discuss our chosen diversity initiative, helping to discuss and put in a plan of action to promote equality in the recruitment industry.

Help us kick-start the initiative:

We’ve created a quick to complete survey which will only take 5 minutes, it asks a variety of questions about women in the recruitment industry, this anonymous data we collect will help shape and steer the conversation in the right direction when it comes to the roundtable.

– Please enter the survey here:

This is an initiative that will grow and transform into something that will help shape the industry into something that promotes diversity and inclusiveness – We’ve created a Landing page that will slowly develop and grow with each addition we make to this story – here’s the link to said landing page.

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