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TRN Chairman James Osborne is taking on Ironman Triathlon for Charity OPERA

TRN Chairman James Osborne is taking on Ironman Triathlon for Charity OPERA

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 2, 2023

TRN Chairman James Osborne is taking on Ironman Triathlon for Charity OPERA

A massive part of our journey here at The Recruitment Network is to give back to the community, just as we strive to give massive benefit to our members we’re passionate about giving chances and opportunities to those who are not quite as fortunate as us.

That’s why we’ve set up things like our #TeamTRN Windsor Triathlon and my attempt at the Ironman Triathlon. Which will take place on the 1st October in sunny Barcelona to raise £5,000 for the OPERA Global Youth Foundation.

About the charity,

OPERA is the first global recruitment industry youth employment foundation with a simple purpose; to inspire recruiters to unite in empowering young people to #thrive.

Their purpose is to empower 71 million young people to #thrive, not just survive. One company, one recruiter and one young person at a time.

They do this by providing practical and financial support for young people age 16-24 to find gain and stay in work.

Ironman Barcelona showcases a historic and culturally rich region of Spain.


The story of why I’m doing this.

In 2005 my first son, TJ, passed away.

It was a life changing moment for me and my family and still leaves a very deep, emotional scar today. However, from somewhere within this painful ordeal, we found real inspiration to use the memory of TJ to remind us of just how short and precious life is, and how we should use everything we have been given (emotionally, physically and mentally) to its full capacity, not only to embrace life but to also enable others to be able to do likewise.

Fast forward 12 years later, having raised thousands of pounds for our dedicated charities to date, I have decided to embark on a new relationship with an incredible charitable movement that brings together my passion for helping the next generation to have a real opportunity to prosper in life, as well as my professional involvement with the recruitment sector.

Every £500 we help to raise is one young person directly supported to find, gain and stay in work.

There are 71M young people not in work, worldwide. In just one year, the recruitment industry helped over 71M people to find and gain work.

Together we can support young people to transform their lives.

Thank you for your support.

James / Ozy

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